Nice to meet you, we’re Laqus

Over a decade using technology and market knowledge to help companies manage their financial operations.

We were born with the goal of meeting the corporate world's need for specialized, impartial, and excellent service.

Founded in 2010, Laqus was born with the goal of meeting the corporate treasuries’ need for impartial, oriented, and agile solutions.

That’s why an innovative initiative deserves a unique name. We were inspired by the word lake, which represents an ecosystem full of life and relationships among its living beings, in a dynamic, fluid, and always renewable manner.

At Laqus, like the great lakes, we host a wealth of economic activity, facilitating the flow of information and transactions through our various market solutions.

It’s with this inspiration that we wish to transform, not only companies’ access to financial markets, which today is quite distant for many of them, but to provide, all living beings in this ecosystem, with our contribution to building simpler and fairer financial relations.

Agility and security for your financial operations

Our company is made up of professionals with years of experience. Acting on different fronts and through various products – Monitor, Covenants and Digital FMI – allows our team to have a global view of the financial market, thus offering more transparency and security to those who seek our assistance.

Laqus’ purpose is to boost the economy by making decision-making easier, faster, and safer, providing efficiency in cash management and financial operations.

Technology and experience go hand-in-hand to offer you the best

Combining technology with our extensive experience in the financial market, we’re able to deliver agility and security throughout our ecosystem. Even with a strong technological base, we’re committed to a humanized service, which simplifies the treasury’s daily routine and goes beyond, transferring knowledge to speed up your financial area’s decisions.




We understand that human relations are of utmost importance. For this reason, one of our values is humanism towards our employees, clients and society in general, through transparency and the smart transfer of knowledge.


At Laqus, we keep our promises. Our commitment to excellence - and to the goals of our clients, employees and other stakeholders - drives us to achieve and nurture the trust that is placed on us.


We value objectivity and want to get straight down to what really matters. We are relentless in our quest to simplify decision-making, whatever it may be.

Standard of Excellence

We are a benchmark in our market because we understand that when working with sensitive issues in society, such as financial decisions, it’s essential to pursue excellence in every detail.

Excellence that generates recognition and trust

Our unique qualities – expertise, commitment to excellence, to our clients’ goals, attention to detail, and more fluidity in financial management – have allowed us to create a solid market base where we currently control the operations of the largest corporate treasuries in Latin America, totaling over R$310 billion under management.

This recognition from our clients through the trust they place on us provides us with even more energy to continue helping more companies optimize their routines and financial decisions, so they can focus on their core business. Therefore, we are committed to delivering a healthier, win-win ecosystem.

We understand that human relations are of utmost importance, which is why one of our values is humanism towards employees, clients, and society in general. Our relationship with our clients is what’s at the core of our decisions.

People who trust us


Address: Av. Pedroso de Morais, 433 - 9º andar - São Paulo - SP - E-mail:

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