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Bring your entire team together in one place

It should be part of any company’s financial strategy to seek new forms of financing for business expansion, debt profile revision, or even new working capital. On this journey, they arrive at complex structures, such as debt with development banks like BNDES or multilateral institutions, incentivized issuances or ESG profile, or even conventional issuances in the financial market, in which companies are required to comply with obligations for greater security for the creditor and consequently, lower financial cost for the company (improved risk vs. return ratio).

An Agile and Facilitating Solution

To this end, Covenants comes in as a complete solution to control your obligations – be them financial, environmental, statutory or operational, related to financial market issuances and the most varied types of debt. All integrated on the same platform, in an automated and simple manner.

Integration of Teams to Improve the Delivery of Results

This integration provides greater agility and efficiency in the organization of the fulfillment of obligations, including the possibility of integrating several teams and creating approval hierarchies, making control more secure and shared, mitigating the risk of eventual errors in the process, such as the early maturity of a debt with relevant impact on cash flow. All this in a single secure and accessible system on the cloud.

Benefits of Covenants

Management of Obligations

• Track the status of financial, statutory, or environmental obligations;
• Filter by keyword;
• Query with the possibility of exporting in Excel;
• Consult the clauses attached to the obligations;
• Interact in the obligations you are bound to in order so they can be completed;
• Consult overdue obligations and those due within the next 30 calendar days;
• Set a period of your choice to check the obligations due within this date range.

Operational Ease

• Independent module;
• Defined approval flows;
• Capability of active, passive, and API integrations;
• Easy use and browsing through intuitive features;
• Message exchanges between obligation participants;
• Creation of obligations via groups as participants or individual user;
• Recurrence, event notifications and reminders, received by e-mail;
• Better governance of processes with history and upload of evidences per user.


• Increased traceability through log recording;
• Access rules developed according to the best market practices;
• User data management respecting the precepts of the LGPD;
• Participant restriction that allows use between subsidiaries or outside persons.

Agility and security
in the control of your Covenants


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