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We have arrived to transform the relationship between issuers and investors.

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More agility and transparency in debt issuances in the financial market.

The Laqus Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (Digital FMI) was created to be a facilitating, digital and accessible alternative for all those who believe in the potential of the Brazilian financial market as a source of financial resources.
Our mission is to facilitate debt issuances in the financial market, making the process agile, simple, and convenient for the real economy, i.e. your company and your investors, based on our products and market intelligence.

Technology, experience and information hand in hand

Our work ranges from strategy to the control of operations, offering a variety of solutions in treasury and financial operations. Your company can combine the agility and efficiency of technology with our team’s knowledge and commitment to take advantage of the best opportunities available in the market, all through our robust and safe ecosystem.

A new way of doing
what has always been done:

We have come to boost the economy and help make the financial markets broader and more diversified, transforming the relationship between issuers and investors. This is why we’re bringing a new way of doing what has always been done, focused on information and efficiency.




Other Software


Deposit service for Public Offerings authorized by CVM
Consultative Service
Financial settlement service authorized by CVM and BACEN.
Daily PU calculation
Market and Credit PU calculation
Automated financial event calendar
Control of non-financial events
Integration via API

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A solution for risk management and financial operations, such as financial market issuance, financing, derivatives and investment. All in one place.


An integrated solution to control financial or non-financial obligations, from financial, environmental, statutory or operational reporting, related to market issues and the most varied types of debt and derivatives.

Always searching for the best product and best service

The Laqus team is made up by professionals who have in common the will to innovate and the desire to always do more and do it better. For this reason, we’re always looking for new ways of making our clients’ day-to-day simpler and more convenient, focusing invariably on the security, quality, and reliability of our service.


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