A streamlined solution for managing financial operations and treasury with over R$310 billion under management.

Monitor is a 100% SaaS software, a unique cloud application, developed to simplify, implement or improve your company’s risk management and financial operations, including the control of bank debts, financial market issuances, financing, derivatives and investments. Our clients benefit from our investment in a single solution, developing the best and most current market practices and making them available to everyone.

Process Optimization, Risk Mitigation

 The automation of financial management through our software allows gains of up to 80% in financial and operational efficiency in the control of debts, derivatives and investments. You can have your financial position updated daily, without the need to hire another market supplier, thus avoiding mistakes and rework with manual controls. Its versatility, with simple and direct APIs, allows integration with any ERP on the market, streamlining financial and accounting routines.

Monitor Benefits

Transparency and Integration

With the monitor, your company can enjoy benefits such as standardized and automated calculation of instruments (already fed with market curves), ensuring operational efficiency in the control of debts, derivatives and investments. Put an end to methodology divergences, distinct data sources, spreadsheet reconciliation processes, system reconciliation, and audit surprises. Integrate your company using a single solution and extract intelligence from it, in order to help you in pursuing financial efficiency. Doing what our clients do and be better prepared, with information at hand when you need it.

Avoid rework! With our accounting integration capability with ERP or electronic price quote platforms, we increase the security of your internal processes and the reliability of information, thus avoiding manual interventions by the team.

Personalized And Experienced Support

In addition to all this technology, you’ll be able to count on human, specialized and consultative service, through our support team. We can also do more for your company, working as an extension of your treasury department at times of greater operational demand, through our BPO service.


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